A contact with four elements (fire, earth, water, air)


My passion for ceramic was born many years ago; one of my favourite games when I was young, it surely was bungling with earth, water, mud and clay.

My hands in that fluid matter gave vent to my creativity, it was really fun.

I spent hours realizing unusual shapes, that caught my attention and surprising me over and over again.

At that time those shapes held together with the sole sun drying but that process didn’t ensured the work a long life.

But still that creative experience stayed untouched inside me over the years, I experimented moulding, to create forms from a formless matter, I was a child growing experience by playing her games, unconsciously I was nurturing the Natural Talent I received as a gift.

A precious gift, that I already grasped at the time.

Going ahead I could safely glean from that instinctive experience of my childhood, conveying my Art with terracotta and ceramic techniques as well.

The result was very positive because it represented a moment of progress in my artistic path, a prelude to marble sculpture that surely I wasn’t going to miss, even if at the time I wasn’t able to foresee when it was going to happen.

In the ’80s I created “fluid shapes in freedom”, sculptures moulded in red, white or refractory ceramic that, with they abstract shape, capture the space harmonizing with their volumes.

…and my Natural Talent continued to be nurtured, to my delight.



PAT-Patrizia Di Poce


Roma 1986