PAT’S Marbles…

“Matter splinter turned into language”…


“I choose that block of different dimensions (big, medium or small), by instinct, or maybe it chooses me. From this magical encounter, the rhythm of an ancestral dance is born that later manifests with my creations. In this way, that piece become “my piece” because I own its Essence and so it reflects my Artistic Soul with a work that you can observe.

The ability to chisel surely is the outcome of an innate knowledge… my own talent.


Generally encounter the white marble, sculpturing marble in particular, is always surprising, especially because I am always fascinated and amazed every time that,  pressing the on button on my flex, I instinctively turn “a piece” in a “artwork of mine”.


Presently, to sculpt the marble my way, marble that I feel as a matter of  great energy, is simply the realization of a natural talent that I had as a gift.
A gift that has first to be manifested to be shared then.

With marble sculpture I have arrived to the centre of my creativity and I feel great.


I still continue to deeply realize myself feeding my soul with the freedom to let an indelible imprint.


My creations are visible translation of what I feel intimately, a profound perception to which I remain connected and which accompanies me beaming towards the future, with consciousness of a mature woman and joy and enthusiasm of a curious little girl…”


PAT-Patrizia Di Poce


Pietrasanta(LU) 2006