PAT’S PAINTING…oil, acrylic, matter painting


Emotions on a white canvas expressed by language of colors…


Painting using a palette of solar colors, has been a logical and instinctive consequence of satisfying my Soul’s need to manifest its most deep feelings by using my Creative Talent.  

The PAINTING was evolution of drawing, by which I always expressed myself with enthusiasm since early childhood, as my first real affirmation.               

Painting allowed me, with various techniques, to make my academic language evolve to total freedom of expression, outside of any standard and any style, becoming Abstract-Instinctive Art.  

PAINTING is a natural passage that brought me to consciously experiment new ways to communicate my creativity, distinguishing my artistic journey in continuous evolution…    

When I create, I never have a default project to realize, but only a deep emotion to manifest in harmony with my creations. In this way I respond to the Creative Energy, to which I remain connected and that belongs to the Eternity. The future to verify….


PAT-Patrizia Di Poce


Rome 1968