PAT’S talking rocks


A profound contact with Earth…


Maybe it happened to you as it happened to me, to pick up a ROCK because of its form, its polished surface that was pleasant on tact or for the shadow effect that you managed to capture on it, didn’t it?


For me, holding a rock in my hands is a special sensation because it represents the contact with eternity of the Earth as to…”it was and it continues to be”.

Take one of my rocks in your hands, let yourself be guided by the reading your heart does, do not use your mind, like this maybe you too can witness this simple reality.

Surprisingly, by listening its decorative wholeness that encloses stories long told, you’ll be able to hear its silent language, and if you have enough curiosity to let it speak it will be able to dialogue with its heart, and deep inside it will leave colored and luminous waves that will accompany you along the new paths; and like this you will be able to feel as a part of a Cosmic Humanity.

This antique language, made of signs, forms and colors, manifests with Creativity. These rocks are my “Visual Poetries”, visible expression of my emotions; like this, with an ancestral language, I retrieve messages that causality writes on the surface of these rocks and which I interpret my way.

Give yourself some time to read them, if you desire so, you will realize that you are dedicating that time to Yourself. It will surprise you that every time that you reread them, the message that will reach you will be different and new. You are living artistic experience that, when it gives authentic emotions, is a great occasion for evolving towards a very deep realization. 

Happy listening of the Talking-Rocks, from my “Visual Poetries”.


PAT-Patrizia Di Poce


Rome 2004