Pat’s woods


Pieces of wood consumed by the sea…


What remains of a tree, already deprived of the vitality that characterized it season after season, for his whole existence, can still offer stimulating sensations; I see it is exactly like that, so much that in its final form of a piece of wood consumed by the sea, a Tree still manages to catch my attention, my curiosity, my fantasy and to always amaze me.  

During the winter I collect those consumed pieces of wood on the seaside, choosing them and accepting them as a gift of the sea … I give sincere thanks.

Then, with fantasy, I assemble and transform those rests in artistic compositions, that preserve the Essence of the Nature which still can transmit its Subtle Energy.

Even if there is only a remote memory of the Big Tree  that remains, I know that with creative intervention. Its final form, the most solid one, its dry roots, can still offer emotions, even if they come from the silence of its skeleton.

This Energy does not come from its lymph, by now totally absent, but from the specific lines of the volumes of its archaic form, that still let perceive its ancient greatness.


With creativity, these compositions decipher my emotions so becoming, in the harmony of the work completed, creations that take part in my “Visual Poetries”


PAT- Patrizia Di Poce


Rome 2005